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Friday, June 02, 2023



Business Services

The Trelawny Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers various business services to the public to assist you with getting settled in your business. These services are provided by qualified members with businesses that offer stated services. Please contact us by email at  services@trelawnychamber.com or fill out the form provided.

  • Business Registration

    Our service entails reserving your business name, filling out and submitting the necessary registration forms to the Companies Office of Jamaica. Upon completion you will receive your business registration certificate.

  • Company Registration

    We will apply for the reservation of your desired company's name. We will fill out and submit the necessary registration forms to the Companies Office of Jamaica. The registration will include application for TRN, TCC, NIS and the optional GCT. At the end of the process you will receive the company registration certificate and other requested company documents, TRN, NIS, TCC and (GCT number if required.)

  • Business Plan Development

    Some businesses require business plans for various reasons and at different times. One of the most common reason is for financing whether from a financial institution, venture capitalist or potential business associate. A good quality business plan will help you make that big push forward in acquiring the financing needed for the success of your business. Contact us today and let us know the purpose for the business plan you require and get the process started.

  • Cash Flow Projection

    A business cash flow projection is one of the documents required to open a bank account for a new business. We will assist you in developing a cash flow projection for your business type.

  • Website Development

    A properly developed and maintained website is one of the most important business marketing investment you can make. Having a website for your business is like opening an office or store in every city and in every town of the world. FOR RETAIL STORES: Our Ecommerce websites come with a Point of Sales software that is installed on your cashier's computer that synchronizes with your webstore. This will enable you to sell in your store where customers walk-in and online at the same time with real time updates. Our website development services include business email addresses, social media business pages synchronization with your website, hosting and maintenance.

  • Electronic Accounting Setup

    We will assist your business by configuring your electronic account package, setup your chart of accounts, training and other requested services.

Service Request Form

Please fill out the form and state the service you require. A member of our team will contact you within a few business days of reviewing the request.
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