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Friday, June 02, 2023



Vision and Goals of the Trelawny Chamber

The vision of the Trelawny Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) is to ensure Trelawny optimizes visitor experiences and the socio-economics of communities, businesses and residents. It aims to do so by actively and continuously promoting a successful and inclusive business climate; safe and socially vibrant communities; environmental sustainability; and sustainable development; for all the residents and businesses of Trelawny.

The TCCI aims to realize its vision through the following:

  • Creating and actively maintaining a business directory for a wide variety of businesses, throughout the entire parish; documenting professionals, corporations, tradespeople, contractors, personal service providers, faith-based organizations, public sector agencies, charities, and other groups, which contribute to the socio-economic life of the parish.
  • Modeling a Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    • Creating a feedback system for documenting of good service provision
    • Documenting all categories within the membership
    • Creating sub-groupings, within the Chamber, to ensure proper service provision in each category
  • Promoting networking through social, educational, community outreach, and economic partnership programs.
  • Unifying the voice of business interests across all sectors and all communities in the parish.
  • Promoting the initial and continuing training, certification and economic health of all levels of business activity; from sole proprietorship, professionals, small businesses, mid-sized businesses, to large businesses; through active partnerships with agencies such as JAMPRO, HEART, JBDC, and the DBJ.
  • Being the primary advocate for communities, environmental concerns, youth, health concerns, safety concerns and the general welfare of all stakeholders of the parish.
  • Promoting equity and inclusiveness as essential values for all aspects of life in the parish.
  • Developing and maintaining a Business Resource Center to provide TCCI members with
    • Tax Preparation Assistance
    • Proposal Preparation Assistance
    • Invoice Preparation Assistance
    • Annual Report Preparation Assistance
      • Audits
      • Business Reports
      • Inventory Documentation
    • Business Registration Assistance
    • Loan Application Assistance
    • JP/Notary Assistance
Trelawny Chamber of Commerce